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Seeds--French vegetable

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Beet 'Rouge Crapaudine'

'Rouge Crapaudine' is not exactly a pretty beet in the buff. But what would you expect from a beet whose name means "red toad-like one"? Indeed, la crapaudine has almost black, gnarled and creviced skin resembling that of a toad. But on the inside, this elongated beet is all sweetness and flavor. It is so good that this heirloom variety remains the number one beet sold by French produce sellers, who hawk it already roasted in a wood fire and ready to peel and consume in salad or otherwise. You should take your cue from these primeurs: roast your beets in the ashes of a wood fire or in the oven for smoky sweet, intensely beet-y flavor.  Or best of all, use a clay diable.

Our French heirloom seed is produced organically by a small seed farm in central France. Its production process is monitored by France's rigorous Ecocert program which is a standard throughout the European community. The seed ships with both an Ecocert certificate and a phytosanitary certificate. Photo courtesy of Patrick Marquet.

Size: 350 seeds

Origin: France

Ships: Immediately

Price: $8.42

Quantity ordered:

Beet 'Rouge Crapaudine'
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