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Seeds--French vegetable

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Black turnip of Pardailhan

The black turnip of Pardailhan is a very ancient variety grown in the Languedoc region of France.  In fact, much as the French name their wines--rightly so--after their terroir of origin and not after the grape variety, it's the same for vegetables.  And technically, I can't call this turnip the turnip of Pardailhan because it wasn't grown there.  This highly regional turnip doesn't look like any other you've ever seen.  It is long and pointed in form, and it's skin ranges from black to ashy gray.  It looks almost like a wild plant, and perhaps, as I have theorized about the Crapaudine beet, it is in fact a nearly wild turnip which has been little or not at all manipulated by human breeding efforts.  This turnips matures slowly and lasts in cold storage for several months.  It is more resistant to turnip fly larvae than other varieties, in my opinion because its skin is very thick, almost like a thin bark.  This thick skin also contributes to its keeping qualities.  The Pardailhan turnip has a unique flavor and texture.  It's flesh is much dryer than that of other turnips, and its flavor slightly starchier.  It is the opposite of early season turnips, such as the white Japanese varieties and the Milan turnip (also sold here) which is the turnip of choice for late winter field production in France.  Pardhailhan is supremely suited to long cooking, caramelisation and ragouts, say in the traditional way with pork ribs.  Its flavor is, surprisingly, not very turnipy but rather has a hint of chestnut.  These seeds are practically impossible to find in commerce.  Jump on this chance to grow a rare, nearly endangered vegetable!

Origin:  France

Size:  1 gm.

Ships:  in 2 days

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Black turnip of Pardailhan
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