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French linens--Table

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Embroidered table linens--Full service for 6--Fleurs des Champs'

An Atelier Vert exclusive, these table linens are hand made by a seamstress of more than 30 years experience in couture. What does couture have to do with table linens? By a stroke of luck, our seamstress still works with an antique, couture-quality embroidery machine that stitches in beautiful tight, flat loops, exactly like you would see on couture dresses of the last century. This is not the crude, zig-zaggy stitch of modern machine embroidery, but an exquisitely rendered and incredibly durable stitching that will last generations.

The table set, consisting of 6 placemats, 6 napkins, and a long table runner, is made in 100% pure, natural linen woven in the Vosges region of France. Linen, the oldest fabric known to man, is woven from the fibers of blue flax (Linum usitassissimum), and wears like iron. The placemats are doubled for extra heavy body.

The table service is embroidered with a design called 'Fleurs des Champs'--or field wildflowers, which dates from the 1930's. The motifs are varied, featuring red poppies, yellow buttercups, white meadow marguerite, blue bachelor's buttons, and deep red silene. Half of the place mats are embroidered with a bouquet of poppy, buttercup, and meadow marguerite; the other half with bachelor's button, marguerite, and silene. All the napkins are embroidered with a bouquet of poppy, bachelor's button, and marguerite. The table runner has a large central bouquet, four mid-sized corner motifs, and four smaller peripheral bouquets.
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The table set can be washed hot if you wish without fading. The embroidery thread is DMC 100% cotton floss, the finest in the world. We are proud to bring you these exquisite hand-made table linens.

Color: Natural linen (background)

Size: Placemats--19 3/4" x 14"; napkins--19" square; table runner--46 3/4" x 23"

Ships: Immediately

Origin: France


Price: $315.74

Quantity ordered: buy it

Embroidered table linens--Full service for 6--Fleurs des Champs'

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